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Shinobi is a decentralized and tokenized platform that offers gamers all over the world an action-packed Triple-A gaming experience. The first Play-2-Earn release will be ShinobiVerse.

ShinobiVerse is an open-world P2E Unreal Engine/ Unity realistic graphics RPG that fully integrates NFTs, allowing players to create real value in a virtual world.


BNB Chain will help Shinobi “embrace” large-scale applications in GameFi. It combats the limitations inherent to blockchain systems, such as high transaction costs and slow settlement times with super-speed and low costs.

Polygon is a well-established framework preferred by many decentralized applications and GameFi projects, bringing innovative gamification to the rapidly growing Web3 and metaverse economies.


We take you into the world of Shinobiverse, a world where you work your way up and only the strongest and smartest player survives. Form groups, create alliances, become stronger and move through time.



The Shinobi P2E game does exactly what it says on the tin: players are rewarded with cold hard cryptocurrency for winning battles and/or completing tasks within the game.



As a Ninja you start in the medieval era, here it is important that you get to know the game and players around you. Collect XP and tokens by killing others and work yourself up.


Shinobiverse is an action-adventure game where you play real-life scenarios and complete missions to progress through the story.

To generate income as a player, your in-game character must complete jobs,
missions and events. Every week we have events – such as car races, boxing
matches, quizzes and deathmatch gang fights – at which prizes can be won.
Successfully completed missions bring additional income or items. And you can
complete missions with other players to get your rewards more easily. There are
many jobs, both legal and illegal, that characters can undertake.

On the white-collar side, characters can work as managers, cab drivers, auto
mechanics and so on. On the not-so-legitimate side, characters can become
gang members, car thieves and so on.


The Shinobi Game Ecosystem consists of a dual token economy, based on a BNB Chain bridge with
Polygon Network and uses NFT collectables. NFT items, such as vehicles, property and companies,
are used by players to progress through the game: trade, rent or sell them to gain profit.

When you enter the Shinobi world, it is important that you have tokens as bounty for other players. When you kill another player, this bounty increases by 20% of the kill value. But be warned it disappears if you are killed!

A leaderboard shows the players with the highest bounty. If players have weapons in their pockets when they are killed, these will drop and be up for grabs. All items are for sale from certain levels, so pay2win is not immediately possible.

“hunt or be hunted”

Now that you have entered the world of Shinobi, you will need to protect yourself and your possessions.. In the ShinobiVerse you are the hunter or the hunted, the killer or the killed.
There is no neutral position in the ShinobiVerse. At no time are you safe, so be on your guard at all time. Take great care
There are a number of gangs in the city that you can join, and it is smart to join a gang that controls your neighbourhoud, or maybe start your own


Live the Shinobi life as you wish. Are you impetuous and always living
on the edge? Then join the Yakuza gang that controls the Yakuza district. Loyalty to the Yakuza is everything. Disloyalty results in death.

If you prefer to plan carefully and think strategically, then look out for the dreaded Mafia faction that controls the entire Mafia district. There are several such gangs in Shinobiverse; each controlling their part of the city and scheming ruthlessly to become the ultimate bosses of the era. But no matter how you like to play, there is room for everyone in Shinobiverse.


As a novice ninja you begin in the medieval era where you are introduced to the world and make your first contacts. The island is in medieval style and has a gateway to other islands where you travel in time as a ninja


The era is in a semi- modern style. Here you can buy houses and fight opponents by unlocking weapons such as knives, pistols and Thompson submachine guns NFT’s. In this era Mafia gangs rule the city. They fight among themselves to determine who will be the boss. Modes of transportation such as cars can be unlocked and purchased at certain levels to make it easier and faster for you to move about.


The era is contemporary in style. Here you can buy houses and fight opponents, by unlocking and buying weapons such as knives, guns and automatic weapons NFTs. In this era motorcycle gangs, Italian Mafia, international businessmen and other gangs rule the city. Modes of transportation such as cars, helicopters, motorcycles and more can be unlocked and purchased at certain levels to make it easier and faster for you to move about.


In this hypermodern era, Chinese and Japanese business gangs rule the city. They fight among themselves to determine who will be the boss. Modes of transportation such as state-of-the-art motorcycles, cars, and state-of-the-art flyable vehicles can be unlocked and purchased at certain levels to make it easier and faster for you to move about.

Private property

This is private property owned by individuals. It can be purchased in-game and then resold. All private land was initially sold at auction, and purchasers currently have unconditional ownership.

District Land

A group of individuals may unite to form a group. Such a group may decide to purchase and own land and put it to use. Such land can be auctioned on the market, or structures may be built on it. Land in this category is known as district land.

Public land

This is land designated for public use. In such places, people can meet for discussions, relaxation, training, exercises and more. These are also potential spawn/open plots or meeting places for the community to come together.

Public Roads

Public roads are different from public land, although the general public also uses them. Shinobi follows a property structure that makes it inhabitable by non-landowners. Thus, well-structured roads are available for vehicles and pedestrians to freely explore the city to discover meeting places such as stores, bars and clubs.


NFT Marketplace

On the NFT Marketplace, players and non-players can buy, sell, auction, exchange and rent out NFT
items, which are regularly available in limited numbers and editions. In addition, players can use NFT items in-game, sell Items to other players for a fixed price, rent or exchange them. Players are able to
sell their account on our marketplace.

NFT Rent System

Rent out your NFTs property, vehicles, companies, etc to players and get up to 75% in withdrawal fees i.e. a passive income.

NFT Company

Start a business and become an NFT company owner to receive monthly token rewards.

Farming System

Play a mini game to generate rewards in the form of tokens. Cash it out or trade for NFT items.

Affiliate System

Recruit new players via a referral link and receive a commission of 10% on the first payment made by the recruited player.

NFT System

On the NFT Marketplace, players and non players can buy, sell, auction, exchange and rent out NFT items. Rent out your NFTs to players and get up to 75% withdrawal fee or start a business and become an NFT company owner to receive monthly SHINO Token rewards.

​Staking System

Every user of the Shinobi Game Platform has the opportunity to stake SHINO Tokens to get NFT items and in-game benefits.


Every SHINO Token holder is eligible to receive SHINO Tokens which are redistributed from token
transaction fees.


Unified by a mission to build the ultimate game, Shinobi team consists of 22 highly skilled full-stack, blockchain and game developers, as well as UI, VR, content and 3D designers. Members of the team have worked for some of the biggest crypto gaming projects in the metaverse space.

Shinobiverse helps give in-game users an unrivalled degree of control and autonomy. The Shinobi team works relentlessly to offer users the ultimate decentralized gaming experience.

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